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Antwaun Dumps Fantasia, She Broke Down On Stage In Trinidad [Photo]

Fantasia Barrino may be heading down the single mother road after she is rumored to be dumped by Antwaun Cook, her baby daddy, for a reality star.

Fantasia has had a turbulent relationship with Antwaun Cook, who she allegedly stole from another woman.

Just last month rumors surfaced that Cook is leaving the former American Idol winner for his ex-wife.

According to new reports, Antwaun is now dating Bad Girls Club star Oxygen, aka Kendra. The two has several intimate photos on Instagram, which further fuels the rumors.

Fantasia may also confirmed the rumors when she broke down in tears at her recent concert in Trinidad

“The only person who will never leave you is Jesus,” she told the audience. “No matter what you’ve been through, know that you can fly. I have to tell God thank you because he has blessed me. Just when I thought it was all over, he kept blessing me. He’s always been there. I made it through because of God. Everything I went through is my testimony.”



  1. fantasia need to do like usher did. make an album called “confession” it was the album was number 1 on r/b chart. tasia it’s time to move on, focus on your children, yourself, and enjoy life. you’re not the only who’s been in this situation and you won’t be the last.. Use the gift that GOD has given you.

  2. Ain’t Karma a b–ch! U stole him from another woman and another woman stole him from u! What a shame! SMH!

  3. Well this is sad. Truth is he was never her man in the first place, and he never made her his woman in the second or third place. So as Jesus would say, woman where is your husband!

  4. Queenie Nefertiti


  5. You r in my prayers. Put God first he can handle it. Might be tough for a miniute, but you’ll be ok.

  6. Dont worry fantasia be strong but him in gods hands he wii get whats coming to him be strong in the lord put god first in everything you do he will never leave you nor forsake you okeep your head up and i love u stay strong

  7. Mumma Mumsie Suss

    damn! she ah get it bad!

  8. That is not him in that picture. Lmbo. There is a picture of them together but that is not Mr Cook.

  9. let’em go!

  10. be strong fantasia his time will come.