Rihanna Mesmerize Chris Brown With Her Charm [DETAILS]

Chris Brown is said to be head over heels about Rihanna and why wouldn’t he be.

According to sources close to the singer, Breezy is mesmerized by Rihanna every time he sees her.

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Although he has been dating Asian model Karrueche Tran for more than a year now, it has been rumored for last couple of months that Chris Brown and Rihanna are secretly hooking up. The two were even spotted partying in the same nightclub on more than one occasion.

Just two weeks ago rumored surfaced that Brown sneaked into her hotel room in New York City.

“Rihanna has always been obsessed with Chris,” a source told Grazia magazine. “She’s yet to have a proper relationship with anyone since they broke up. She just can’t let go of the idea that they’re meant to be together. It’s like he has some sort of hold over her.”

According to the source, Chris Brown is unsure of how to handle the situation with Karrueche Tran and Rihanna, both of whom means a lot to him.

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“Chris is in two minds over what to do,” the source added. “He does have feelings for Karrueche but it’s almost like there is some sort of massive pull between him and Rihanna. They have a toxic bond that neither of them seems to be about to let go. He’s absolutely mesmerized every time he sees her.”

Do you think Chris Brown and Rihanna will ever get back together?

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  1. Dont know about u’all but chris nd rihana r 2sides of the same coin..THEY BELONG TOGETHER…LYK RIHANA SAID ITS “NOBODYS BUSINESS”, ND CHRIS ALSO SANG IT OUT LOUD,”SO DONT JUDGE THEM”..

  2. Bodenhamer smith

    Rihanna is looking so beautiful and charming for become a More and More Popularity in the dating relationship.

  3. I for one hate that Chris would cheat on her with his ex Rihanna which is not right at all it pisses me off that kae and Chris’s relationship might be over if his ex had enough sense she would move on and stop messing with Chris and find herself another man she is too out of control and should focus on her career and not Chris like get over him already Rihanna damn kae has Chris now so let them be happy for once! I really hope that. karrueche shows up at the bet awards with her man Chris also Rihanna needs to stop contacting Chris talking about she misses him and calling him baby like really come on! enough if her and Chris want each other

  4. Breezy how do you feel, haha this must be nice.