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Norris Man Takes Shots At Khago, Says Sizzla Is A Coward [Audio]

Veteran reggae deejay Norris Man release a new single titled “Address The Statement,” where he takes a couple shots at Khago and his longtime nemesis Sizzla Kalonji.

Kalonji and Khago has been beefing in recent weeks, after Sizzla called out the deejay in a track, referring to him as a Rastafarian imposter.

AUDIO: Sizzla Calls Khago “Hurry Come Up” Rasta Imposter

“Come a tell the ghetto youths him a no Rasta, after you trick the youths them imposter, where the judgment you go grow your locks for, you make the money and the bling and young girls distract you,” Sizzla deejay.

Shortly after Khago released a counteraction single, where he takes shots at Sizzla, saying Kalonji can’t box him like he did Norris Man at Capleton’s show St. Mary Mi Come From in 2007.

Now Norris Man has fired back saying Sizzla is a coward and Khago should leave him out the beef.

“Just left me out a your thing, just left me out a your thing, you and Kalonji a war that is your something, just left me out a your thing,” Norris Man sings.

Listen track below and watch the video from the Sizzla and Norris Man fight in 2007.


  1. Raskenson Lava Kydd

    nah touch di fyah man leave it an go imposter…


  3. no fightin in reggae music its a mission not a competition.

  4. yu cah buss Sizzla coz him a Reggae dada.

  5. yu cah buss Sizzla coz him a Reggae dada.

  6. Claudyus Roma, Himal Reece.

  7. Listen when was the last time u did a album …Leave Sizzla name out of your mouth the man is a veteran artistes u went on stage telling people about their mom…Reggae fans can see what’s going on…