Shots Fired: Sizzla Calls Khago “Hurry Come Up” Rasta Imposter [Audio]

Reggae/dancehall newcomer Khago is facing an onslaught from all angles, the latest being Sizzla Kalonji.

The reggae veteran fired shots at the “Nah Sell Out” singjay in a new single called “Hurry Come Up.”

MUSIC: Khago Drop New Assassin Diss Track “Try Look A Hot”

“Little hurry come up, them mouth them a run up, if them diss Rastafari the whole of them burn up,” Sizzla deejay.

According to Kalonji, Khago is nothing but a Rasta imposter, after the singjay revealed that he is not a Rastafarian in an interview last month.

“Come a tell the ghetto youths him a no Rasta, after you trick the youths them imposter, where the judgment you go grow your locks for, you make the money and the bling and young girls distract you,” Sizzla deejay.

VIDEO: Sizzla – Mamma Mek Mi Deh Yah So

Sizzla also take shots at Natural Black, who recently shocked the Rastafarian community when he cut his locks.

“The next one cut him locks, bout him gone a dancehall, no want Rasta blessing, see the vanity and wall all, a gallivant, but wait till him start fall, a straight back to Rasta him ago run and start ball,” Sizzla deejay.

Listen the track below.