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Tommy Lee: “Popcaan Not A Member Of The Crew” [DETAILS]

Fast rising dancehall star Tommy Lee has created some controversy for former labelmate Popcaan during an interview with Young Lion of BBC 1Xtra radio.

Tommy Lee is currently on British soil for a two weeks tour.

The “Some Bwoy” deejay stopped by the radio station yesterday for a chat with Young Lion, where he opens up about Vybz Kartel incarceration, Portmore Empire being disband, rumored beef with Popcaan and his career.

MUSIC: Vybz Kartel, Tommy Lee Diss Popcaan In “Informa”

Lion asked the Gaza Sparta if Popcaan is a member of the newly formed PG13, Lee said: “him no really apart of the crew anymore, fi right now a just me and Gaza Slim yuh see it.”

Tommy Lee, however, did not want to discuss Popcaan status as a member of the Gaza, but confirmed he is not a part of PG13.

“Mi nuh waan too seh certain things right now. Popcaan is still in Gaza But Not “PG13,” Tommy Lee told Young Lion.

Last month Vybz Kartel shocked Gaza fans when he released a statement that he has officially disbanded the Portmore Empire due to his current incarceration. Tommy Lee later revealed that he and Gaza Slim have formed a new crew name PG13. During the interview Lee told Young Lion that Vybz Kartel was the mastermind behind PG13.

Late last month Vybz Kartel and Tommy Lee release a new single “Informa,” believed to be taking shots at Popcaan.

Despite the rumors, Popcaan has remained silent on the issue.

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  1. a wah du popcaan? popcaan a hypocrite dem.

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  3. me 2 F*ck popcaan vybes is my role model aseh

  4. F*ck kartel meh stand 4 Popcaan

  5. I dnt no wats wrong wit yall wit I dnt believe popcann will do dat …Anyways I still love all yall bt I love Popcaan moreeee and no offense bt I prefer is songs ..But yall songs gud 2 so one love…Gaza mi she dun no.

  6. Kartel brainwash the fans and they now hate on Popcaan! Popcaan hands clean and he’s just making hit songs & everybody loving it! Some bwoy, Kartel & Tommy Lee, change like the weather!

  7. Really dnt kwn wht’s wrong with them

  8. popcaan, yuh nuh reaci far if yuh fi dis de worl boss. Mi tel yuh. Jus lyk Blak ryno.

  9. Popcaan, you be big mumu

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  11. popcann d informa.

  12. Krushal De Siyah


  13. popcaan no listen to bad mind talk.dem ah talk I’m have no time fi chant.

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