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Burry Da Beef: Vybz Kartel, Tommy Lee Fired Shots At Popcaan [MUSIC]

Vybz Kartel is still one of the illest lyricists in dancehall even when he is behind bars. Over the last few months words have been reaching Urban Islandz that the former Portmore Empire honcho and protege Popcaan have not been on speaking terms.

A new single “Informer,” released by Kartel and Tommy Lee may have confirmed the beef everyone been speculating about.

“Left dem to karma, cause him a informer,” Tommy Lee said in the intro.

“Seh dem a gangster dem anno no body, badmind dem try sell out Addi, di first hard box weh him get from squaddy, di clown start talk all wa him neva si, wait unno listen to di rest of di story,” Kartel and Tommy Lee alternately rhyme over a dancehall beat.

Vybz Kartel nor Tommy Lee have not confirmed the track to be a diss, however, hardcore gaza fans are speculating on Twitter that the two deejays are taking shots at Popcaan.

Popcaan is still silent on Vybz Kartel’s announcement last week that he is disbanding Portmore Empire.

Listen full track below and sound off in comments.


  1. George Litunya Eshutchi


  2. old talk popcaan dun tell dem man ah HOT SKULL BAD ANY WAY.

  3. old talk popcaan ah hot SKULL BAD ANY WAY!

  4. It cuda a be any one a dem every body go no wen world boss a onec touch di road again unu wait an see

  5. ur’ll stupid that’s a diss for Blak Ryno idiots chpzzz.

  6. So fogpcaan di man finally dis u, all now u na go look fi him a jail, a u alone mi always hear tlk bout priest, so a u him a dis, ryno gone longtime, dats y when demarco seh u na visit u fadda, have di whole place a wonder if u a informer, u couldn’t answer, an u can’t touch him, u jus a wana b

  7. Deh song deh did mek fi popcaan mi a tel yuh dat.

  8. slowly… NO… RAPIDLY… THE Gaza shelling apart!
    tsk tsk tsk!

  9. Dats di popcaan diss coz he go no vist di Gaza general under babylon brutality.

  10. mi feel seh, this tune was made a while back but just released… mi think say it fi corey todd but it can be for popcaan as well cuz him neva visit kartel since him dey a prison. so mayb him have somn fi hide.

  11. idiots cant someone sing a chune without it being a diss kmt

  12. is not for Poppi is for shawn storm

  13. popcaan haffi get di gaza punishment…

  14. Worldboss mathenge

    Free Worldboss tha illest Dancehall superstar!!

  15. its a popcaan diss why cant everyone just accept that.
    tommy lee and blak ryno was ever friends for him to say.
    him never was a friend him a frenymi.

  16. It is NOT a Popcaan diss, its for Blak Ryhno…BLAK RHYNO….presumably after he sang ” Murder Addi Children ‘.
    Plus Black Ryhno tek box from Kartel before he leff.

  17. So Addi waan give Popcaan a ‘Gaza Beating’ from behind bars huh?

  18. So Addi waan give Popcaan a ‘Gaza Beating’ from behind bars huh?

  19. So Addi waan beat Popcaan from behind bars huh?