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Rihanna Goes Tribal, Shows Off Dance Skills In “Where Have You Been” Video

Rihanna shows off some dance moves while rehearsing the choreograph for her upcoming music video “Where Have You Been,” off her latest album Talk That Talk. The feel good single was produced by Dr. Luke and Calvin Harris.

“This one is just all performance. It’s all about evoking an emotion through your body,” Rihanna said, while breaking some sweat with choreographer Hi-Hat and some dancers. “I was never gonna shoot this video if I couldn’t do choreography ’cause it would be pretty pointless. It would be disappointing.”

RiRi also takes us inside the wardrobe fitting area for the video shoot.

“We’ve got a voodoo, tribal ‘Where Have You Been’ here,” said her stylist.

“You gotta take it back to your culture, to your heritage. Every piece makes me feel a bit more closer to nature,” one of the dancers added.

Watch behind the scenes video below.


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