Nas: “Hip Hop Has To Thank God For Jay-Z”

Nas and Jay-z’s relationship has gone through ups and downs over there years. The two hip hop heavy weights were friends before their infamous feud in 2001. Since then they have patch things up and are now on the same team, hip hop.

Speaking with Peter Rosenberg in a recent interview, Nas said that the hip hop community should be thankful for Jay-Z.

“Hip Hop has to thank God for Jay-Z,” Nas said. “The fact that that he’s doing what he’s doing is a an awakening call for all of the Gods and Earths to wake up and understand that this generation is bigger than what we can even fathom. He is one of the only ones out of the whole community that we grew up in, from the Run DMC days, who’s taken this sh-t seriously, taken this sh-t very seriously musically and businesses wise. That’s powerful. So you’ve gotta respect him.”

“We died to get here. My blood is in the soil of this country. This generation of Hip Hop, we’re making a stance. We’re saying what we gotta say. We didn’t graduate Harvard. We didn’t graduate Princeton. Nothing against them ni–as…Yeah, they ni–as, too. They ignorant as f. But, we real ni–as that made it. We set trends. Ni–as is tastemakers, whatever the f that means. We’re that. We’re that and then some.”

Nas is currently working on his upcoming album Life Is Good, due later this year.

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  1. Nas is the greatest hip hop artiste of all time