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Damian Marley Says Reggae Music Has Grown Mainstream, Wants Jamaicans To Capitalize [Video]

The Marley family is one of the most recognize voice in reggae music for decades, through the help of the crowned King Bob Marley.

One of Bob Marley sons, Damian “Junior Gong” Marley, recently opens up about his thoughts on the current state of reggae music. According to the young Marley, reggae music has grown and is now going mainstream and Jamaicans need to capitalize on that.

“It kinda says that the music has grown; it’s big now that everybody’s getting involved and doing it. At the same time, we as Jamaicans need to capitalize on that,” Gong said in an interview with Winford Williams of On Stage. “Jamaica is loaded with talent and loaded with good music. What we do once we finish making the music, what we do with the music after that is where I think we need to concentrate some more on,” he added.

Damian Marley also discuss his critically acclaimed collaborative album “Distant Relatives” with rap icon Nas.

“The album is great, it introduce me to a lot of new fans, Nas is a very legendary artiste in Hip Hop, so he introduce me to his fan base and likewise I introduce him to the reggae fan base,” Jr. Gong said.

Damian Marley is currently recording his upcoming album with a tentative release date set for later this year.

Watch footage from the interview below.

Writer: Debbie Murry


  1. dis man is a truly sent from de almighty to cum and tell us de truth and rescue us from de false people…I luv ya Damian.

  2. I love and respect Damian …Lots of Jamaican artistes can learn from him…He speaks clearly very intelligent also very handsome…