Did Rihanna Fired Subliminal Shots At Karrueche Tran In “Birthday Cake” Remix?

As Rihanna and Chris Brown relationship begins to fall in place, her beef with Brown’s current girlfriend Karrueche Tran is growing uglier.

Earlier this week the two almost got into a Twitter fight after RiRi tweeted a bag of rice cake with sun glasses and earrings on, supposedly referring to the Asain model.

Now Rihanna is coming under scrutiny from fans for her revised “Birthday Cake” lyrics for the remix with Chris Brown.

AUDIO: Rihanna & Chris Brown – Birthday Cake Remix

“Remember how you did it/ Remember how you fit it/ If you still wanna kiss it/ Come, come, come and get it/ Sweeter than a rice cake, cake worth sipping/ Kill it, tip it/ Cake, fill it,” Rihanna sings.

Was Rihanna referring to Karrueche Tran when she said her cakes are, “sweeter than a rice cake.?”

After the remix was release two weeks ago, Karrueche Tran posted on Twitter, “I know you want me to say something.” “But I’m Ray Charles to the bullsh*t”.