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Vybz Kartel Not Happy About Popcaan Not Visiting Him In Jail

Popcaan, who recently revealed that he has not visited his boss and mentor Vybz Kartel since his incarceration last year, may not be the Worl’Boss favourite person at the moment.

An inside source told Urban Islandz that Vybz is not pleased about the fact that the Gaza prefect not showing up at his current residence at the remand center.

“Him bigger things to focus on now such like getting bail and the trial, but he isn’t happy about a number of close associate not visiting him since being in jail,” the source disclosed, requesting anonymity.

“Teacha understand everyone have them career and other businesses to take care of, but still him feel like certain people abandon him because of the situation. A man can come and offer to help with any outstanding business or even just show some support,” the source added without specifically calling out Popcaan.

Vybz Kartel was arrested in September of last year and is currently facing a slew of charges including two for murder and one for gun possession.

He has already secured a $3 million bail for one of his murder charge.


  1. Free the teacher!!!

  2. warden tsungai tewende

    him nuh go betray di teacha.

  3. popcaan must e baal out, EVERY MAN 4 Him self!

  4. Popcaan is an a$$. Without the boss , him wouldn’t mek ih, and him seh nuh fi bite the hand that help yuh and him a bit kartel. Kmft

  5. Mikey A. Kranium

    Time this man make new friends behind bars!

  6. who cares, Popcaan a do him own thing.

  7. popcaan just cant bear to see the wurl boss inna lock dung! so him just want ave memories a de teacha as a free man!

  8. Mcnub Joe aka Rev Cortez

    Di likle hotskull deh now look like him sellout teacha now, y him nah visit him duddie dea jail dat nah right mi seh

  9. DonfrancisTarz Lákè Kartel

    world boss still ya boss popcaan go visit him!

  10. yow waguan popcan? we cyan take dem kinna p**sy acts, rasclat want to be thugg.

  11. popcaan is being a duechbag nw.

  12. Adrian Loverboy Smith

    wi pree!

  13. Adrian Loverboy Smith

    wi pree!