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Exclusive! Beenie Man And D’Angel Back Together [DETAILS]

“Beenie Man and D’Angel cyan lef,” are the exact words of a close source to the former couple in an exclusive chat with Urban Islandz.

The couple filed for divorce in the summer of last year after a highly publicised split and public name calling. The two had only reuniting a couple months prior.

Urban Islandz ever so reliable source told us that the two are secretly seeing each other again and are going through lengths to keep it under wraps to avoid media scrutiny.

“At the moment they are just keeping things low key, because you know how the media like to twist things up and create drama,” the source said. “If they love each other and have a son together, I don’t see why they can’t choose to stay together despite what other people are saying. They are two adults who can make their own decision.”

Beeni Man was recently spotted at the launch of D’Angel’s An So Thursdays.

D’Angel is gearing up to release a her first novel titled “Love Triangle” that is rumored to contain details of her relationship with Beenie Man and ex Bounty Killer.


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