Blak Ryno Says Popcaan Afraid Of A Lyrical Showdown

Dancehall artiste Blak Ryno and his former labelmate Popcaan are still at odds and only a lyrical showdown could settle the feud.

Ryno, who release a diss track “Gaza Beating Stick,” aimed at the Gaza prefect last year, said Poppy is afraid of a clash.

“Di whole Jamaica nuh see seh him fraid man,” Ryno said

Ryno also release a second diss track last month titled “Follow Mi Up,” where he accused Popcaan of copying his style.

“Di bwoy run wid mi flow/ Yuh gal fren dem seh yuh waan ketch mi smile/ Yuh run wid mi plait up and a seh a neva mine/ Yuh run wid mi image and yuh a nuh mi chile/ Bwoy yuh just a follow mi up/ Mi a di original, dem a knock off man/ Yuh just a mirror mi bwoy, stop mirror mi nuh,” Blak Ryno said in the song.

Popcaan has not yet respond to these claims.

Who you think would win the clash?