Whitney Houston Allegedly Drown, Prescription Drugs Found In Room [DETAILS]

Whitney Houston’s untimely death shocked the world late yesterday. Just hours after her death at a Beverly Hills hotel, new reports claim prescription drugs were discovered and she may have likely drowned in her hotel room bathtub.

Police officers, who obtained a search warrant, found various prescription drugs in her hotel room, including Xanax, used to treat anxiety and depression.

While initial reports suggest that her on and off boyfriend Ray J found her body, TMZ has reported that it was her hairdresser who found her in her bathtub with her head submerged. Whitney’s body was already removed from the bathtub when paramedics got there. An autopsy will determine if the singer drowned or died from other causes.

Xanax when mix with alcohol can cause severe drowsiness. Whitney Houston was reportedly spotted drinking with friends the night before her death.

Police officers says there was no evidence of her drinking in her hotel room upon their arrival.

According to TMZ, her stylist, hairdresser and two bodyguards were among the people in the room at the time. They became worried about Whitney because she had been in the bathroom for over an hour and it was time to start getting ready for the Clive Davis party.

They began to knock on the door and there was no answer. The hairdresser, who is female, went in to check on Whitney. She immediately screamed and, according to our sources, one of the bodyguards came running in and pulled her out of the tub.

Houston will be honored at tonight’s Grammys awards.


  1. Really an hour in the bathroom and noone had checked on her? What were these folks thinking? Did they not know that she had issues with using? hmmm sounds fishy to me.

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    r.i.p houston

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    rest in peace houston.

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    rest in peace houston.

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    rest in peace houston.

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    rest in peace houston.