Shyne And Diddy Ends Bad Boy Beef

Belizean rapper Shyne said he and former Bad Boy Records boss Diddy are on good terms now after a decade long beef.

The deported rapper, who now resides in the Middle East, revealed that he and Diddy ironed things out in a conversation.

“As far as Puff is concerned, that’s been a long time coming,” Shyne told MTV News.

“He had reached out to me twice while I was in the pen, but I just wasn’t ready for it.” Shyne wouldn’t elaborate on the details of his and Combs’ conversation, but he did walk away from the call in a much more positive place. “For me, the conversation was a confirmation of what I felt. Son kept it super tall, and that’s what it’s about. When a man says, ‘Listen, as a man, I make mistakes and I own that.’ What could you do?” Well what can they do? Surely the two can get back into the studio, but Shyne didn’t dish on any new musical developments. He did reveal that the two plan to have a second conversation, this time in person. “I just feel real good about moving on with our relationship. Me and son, we gonna get together in Paris — I’m in Paris right now. We gonna get together in a couple of weeks, and we gonna sit at the roundtable.”

Shyne and Diddy had a fallout a decade ago after that stemmed from a shoot-out at a New York City nightclub in 1999. Shyne did 10 years for the incident.


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