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Buju Banton Being Moved To A Miami Prison

Incarcerated reggae star Buju Banton is en-route to a Miami prison following some hard work by his attorney David Markus to have him moved back from Texas.

Banton, whose real name is Mark Myrie, initially wanted to serve his 10-year sentence in Florida, but was sent to Texas by Federal Judge James Moody.

In the summer, Banton was transferred from the Pinellas County Jail in Tampa, Florida to the Federal Holding Centre in Oklahoma City, where he spent a month, before finally being moved to the Limestone County Correctional Institution in Groesbeck, Texas. Buju will now be placed in the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Miami, Florida.

The singer’s attorney, David Markus, said his client endured several hardships during two month stay in the Texas facility; describing the environment as one of a violent and unhealthy nature that made the singjay rather uncomfortable.

“He was at one of the worst places you can imagine; a county facility that had been converted to house federal inmates,” Markus said. “The place was used for short-stay Mexican nationals who were going to be deported. It was filled with Mexican gangs. Buju was one of very few black men in there. It was really violent.”

Markus commend Judge James Moody for moving to have his client housed in Florida, as recommended during his sentencing in June.

“We’re very appreciative that Judge Moody stood by his initial recommendation that Buju should be in Miami. He made a point to comment that Buju is a peaceful person and shouldn’t be housed in a violent facility.”

Markus plans to appeal the singer’s sentencing early next year in hopes to have him serve a lighter stint in prison.

The Buju Banton benefit concert will be held this weekend at the Supa D Tropical Bar & Grill in Tampa, Florida. Proceeds from the event will go towards Buju Banton legal expenses.


  1. bro u always in our mind n heart , we love much more then yesterday n it will be less then tomorrow.

  2. who god bless no man can curse, so be strong.

  3. appeal should chop off most of him sentance ok.

  4. hold the faith buju!

  5. It’s not a easy road!

  6. Janine Bolt-Kilbourne

    About time!

  7. good move.