Black Ryno Diss Popcaan “Gaza Beating Stick” [Audio]

Former Portmore Empire deejay Black Ryno recently drop a new diss track aimed at Popcaan called “Gaza Beating Stick.”

“When yu si mi yu run like three likkle pig … how badman fi name Popcaan … him a country man from him born, put yu pon a country bus, guh back dung a St Thomas fi guh back guh plant pak choi … when yu si di clang and the click if yu think yu bad flip.”

Ryno, who recently formed his own label Garrison Records, said he heard that people were looking forward to seeing a face-off at Sting and he was not ruling that out.

“If a artiste a style mi, mi wi run een an deal wid it … but mi jus a gwaan watch dem now,” he said.

Would you like to see a Black Ryno and Popcaan clash at Sting this year?

Listen Black Ryno’s “Gaza Beating Stick” below.