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Rumor: “Art Of War” Book Found In Vybz Kartel’s Home

Whether he was using them to study for the perfect crime or to craft his gritty gun lyrics, these books could have serious implications for Vybz Kartel ahead of his trial.

According to new rumors, the police force have uncovered a large stash of military strategy books in one home belonging to Vybz Kartel, during the raid two weeks ago.

Among the books reportedly uncovered was “The Art of War,” an ancient Chinese military treatise that is attributed to Sun Tzu, who was a high ranking military general and strategist.

Another book found was “The 48 Laws of Power,” a social, philosophical book by Robert Greene.

It is not known if these books will be used as evidence in the deejay’s murder trial.

Vybz Kartel return to court today to where he is expected to make bail applications.


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  2. Zibharanzi nhai ahahaha.

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  6. seriously? since when owning LEGAL books a crime , de man is de TEACHA what do u expect? him not 2 read? I would like the art of war my self I am a fan of philosophy and ancient cultures.