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More Dancehall Artists On Police Radar For Criminal Charges

The recent murder charges slapped on Vybz Kartel has sent shock waves through the dancehall community worldwide. However, this could be the beginning of a take down of several prominent dancehall artists on the police radar.

Reliable sources in the police force told Urban Islandz that apart from Vybz Kartel, there are at least 5 more artists being investigated by the police for quite some time for various criminal acts.

“There is an ongoing investigation of some popular artists for crimes ranging from murder, drug trafficking, arms trafficking to name a few,” the source said.

Although he declined to state any names, the source said the police intelligence unit will be hosting a press conference in the coming days where an official announcement will be made.

“At this time I cannot say any specific names, however, officers will brief the media at an upcoming press conference in Kingston,” the source disclosed. “Entertainers are not above the law and several of them are criminal masterminds.”

Vybz Kartel was arrested last Friday (September 30) in Kingston along with three other men and charge for illegal possession of Marijuana. The deejay was then taken to several upscale residence he either owned or frequent where police officers conducted searches.

Computers were seized as part of a bigger investigation against him that would lead to more serious charges announced on Monday (October 3).

Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, was charged with murder, conspiracy to murder and illegal possession of a firearm.

Allegations are that on July 11, 2011, Palmer, along with a group of men, conspire to murder Barrington Burton aka “Bossie”, a St. Catherine based businessman/promoter. Burton, 27, was shot and killed while standing with friends alongside Walkers Avenue in the Gregory Park area.

Last month a burnt and decomposing body was reportedly found in a half burnt house in Havendale said to be owned by Vybz Kartel.

Will we see a massive shakeup in dancehall?

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  1. yuh zeet!!!! ni dot k vin dèyè…..

  2. yuh zeet!!!! ni dot k vin dèyè…..