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Beenie Man Talks Beef With Bounty Killer, “Him Still A Mad Ova Angel” [Video]

Dancehall heavyweights Bounty Killer and Beenie Man are looking to take back the spotlight from Mavado and Vybz Kartel after they two reignite their two decade long feud.

In a recent interview with TVJ’s Emix, Beenie Man said Bounty Killer first release a diss track aimed at him for no reason.

“Mi Couldn’t Sleep When Mi Hear Di Song,” Beenie Man disclosed. “A Sunday night mi hear the song and mi end up a Bounty Sundays because mi waan tek one last look at him before mi kill him.”

Addressing the recent Tweets by the Alliance general, Beenie Man said Bounty Killer is still crazy over his ex D’Angel.

“Him still a mad ova angel and the world know that Killer a gyal clown,” Beenie Man said.

Peep the interview below.



  2. Sharon 'Shazz' Nembhard

    Moses, Moses, Moses, if only…if only you hadn’t lost your own mission direction, you couldn’t end up sleepless from the rantings of a man you previously said his career done. D’Angel has succeeded in reducing two grown men to rubbish talkers and completely detrimental to the advancement of good quality dancehall music that her own lyrics fails to uplift. Moses, noh you say in an interview with Wynton Williams recently that Jamaican artiste collaboration to strengthen the art form is important to match what US artistes are doing? Yet yuh busy in a war of words with Rodney? See? When a man’s actions don’t match his words, what do we call him? Pot calling kettle black. Yo both clowns!