Ethiopian Orthodox Church Says Jah Cure And Kamila Wedding Is Unlawful

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church (EOC) of Jamaica has continued to publicly ridicule the recent Jah Cure and Kamila McDonald wedding in Hanover.

According to Reverend Father Wolde Dawit, administrator and priest in charge of the EOC in Jamaica, the EOC have nothing to do with the ceremony. “Anyone who is not connected to this body is not officially a part of the church,” Rev Dawit said.

In one television interview McDonald said she was baptised in the EOC when she was 16 years old and that she could not imagine doing things any other way.

PHOTO: Jah Cure And Kamila McDonald Wedding

In 1992 there was a split in the EOC when the late Arch Bishop Abuna Yesehaq, who was running the church for 15 years, broke away. On September 25, that same year, Yesehaq was divested of his authority. Interestingly, he continued to operate under the name of the EOC. Since then there is an ongoing court battle seeking to stop the segment that break away from operating under the name EOC.

Father Dawit explained that Jah Cure’s wedding ceremony which was officiated by Father Malakot (Lloyd Dobson) was unlawful.

“Only a bishop can ordain a priest. The priest who carried out the wedding was unlawfully ordained. During the time when the former bishop was divested and before he died in 2005, he unlawfully ordained a number of people,” he said.

Father Dawit said that the EOC is the oldest christian church in the world and his main mission is to remove the image that it is a Rasta church.

“We believe in the Holy Trinity, we will never try to speak for them. There is so much confusion with those people so we never venture to say what they believe or what they don’t,” he said.

Jah Cure is currently recording his upcoming album and will be embarking on a major tour of Africa and South America starting the end of this month.