Disturbing: Food Kartel Charged For Allegedly Sexually Assaulting A 4 Year Old

Comical dancehall deejay Food Kartel was reportedly charged with two counts of carnal abuse.

According to reports, Kartel, 39, was charged by the Clarkes Town Trelawny police for allegedly having sexual intercourse with a girl when she was 4 and 9.

The child made a report to her mother earlier this month who then made a report to the police. The deejay turned himself in after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

The deejay was offered bail to the sum of JM$250,000 and was adviced by his attorney Marrissa Dalrymple not to comment on the case. However, his attorney told journalists that he is traumatized by the accusation.

Food Kartel is schedule to return to court in October.

We hope these allegations are not true.

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