This Is How Teenage Kids In Jamaica Dressing These Days [Photo]

We ain’t saying there shouldn’t be fashion trends, but is this the new swag in Jamaica.

On of our female readers, Stacy, send us these pics and she said she is worried about her Jamaican guys. “I find this trend scary, we girls soon can’t find no cloth because guys buying them all, just like we already can’t find real guys. SMH.”

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  1. Jamaicans have gone crazy. This is not the Jamaica I know.

  2. Ones and ones betta get conscious and stop follow babylon for surely they are leading them on a path of destruction! We need more self-awareness! Stop supporting the fashion industry fairies who sell you pure rottedd f**kry. Common sense should tell them they look like clowns! Think for yourselves and don’t be no follow fashion monkey!

  3. Vicki Amaziah Aza

    people Are Free 2 Live dO & WeaR WoT Dey Lik…Come 2 ReLize nO Matter Wot u Do in Diiz LiFe uR alwaYz Going to Be CriTiciZed 4 SumTiin #MaD WorlD.

  4. these young jamaicans going with everything dem elders fight against.

  5. Jose F. Santiago

    dey imitatin justin beber or wha.

  6. Guillaume Devigne sure does find it scary

  7. gay , fags and homos,,,, boom bye bye.

  8. gay , fags and homos,,,, boom bye bye.

  9. Not gangster at all…..mi zee nuh swagger inna tis wack trend….babylaaan trend!