Did Corey Todd Box Down Bill Cosby For Playing Too Much Vybz Kartel?

Dancehall rising mogul Corey Todd is in the spotlight once again and it is related to his former business partner Vybz Kartel.

Rumors reaching Urban Islandz are that Todd, who owns Riddim night club formerly the building, box down sound system selector Bill Cosby for playing a Vybz Kartel diss song called “Informer.”

A source who attended the event called Swag Tuesday at the club this week, told Urban Islandz reps that during Cosby session in the early morning, he started playing the particular Vybz Kartel song in over and over, which irritated Todd who was in the club.

“Di man a play Informer fi bout 5 minutes straight till everybody a wonder if him a try mek a point,” the source said. “Mi no know if Todd go over de an cut him two box or wha but there was some happenings and someone calm down Todd, it was disrespectful fi Cosby a rinse out di tune dem way de.”

Cosby confirmed that there was a tussle between himself and the club owner during his session. He told the Star that Todd attempted to drop a box of CDs on him.

Todd, however, said there was no altercation but he did attempted to stop the song from continue playing.

“I don’t have much to say other than I asked the selector not to play a particular song before hand because it’s a diss song,” Todd said. “There was no altercation at all but that song is a diss song directed towards me from Kartel.”

Do you think Corey Todd actions was justified?