Beenie Man Threatens To Pull Out Of Show With Shabada

Dancehall Kingpin Beenie Man is threatening to pull out of the 2 for 1 comedy show with Shebada after Urban Islandz broke news that there is a beef between the two.

According to Beenie, Shebada’s comments are disrespectful and if the promoters don’t address the issue he and his wife will not be on the show.

Video: Shebada Calling Out Beenie Man

“The problem is, dem have an add a go around with the other one (Shebada) oon it a call mi “Betweenie Man” and di man wid di “Twist locks” inna him hair,” Beenie Man told Irie FM. “I find that to be total disrespectful and if the promoter no do something about it by tomorrow I will not be appearing on 2 for 1… I don’t find things that him do hilarious.”

Beenie Man and wife D’Angel are the first dancehall artists to be featured on the TV comedy show.