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DRAMA: Shebada And Beenie Man Beefing, “What Yo Hiding” [Video]

2011 could be declared as the year of beefs, feuds and wars in dancehall, with the latest being the most surprising of all.

King of the dancehall Beenie Man is coming under fire from comedian and alleged gay Shebada for his refusal to acknowledge him in a promo interview for the upcoming TV comedy 2 for 1.

“Mi a tell yo bout 2 for 1, delcita and the other one,” Beenie Man said.

According to rumors, the issue caused a squabble at this year’s staging of Reggae Sumfest between Shebada and Beenie Man. Shebada claims that Beenie Man refused to awknowledge him in the televison add because he has something to hide.

“Beenie Man si me and no waan talk to me,” Shebada said. “Beenie Man why yo no waan call mi name, what yo hidinnnngggg…”

Beenie Man and his wife D’Angel will be the first dancehall artists to part of the comedy series staring Shebada and Delcita.

Watch video clip below.


  1. wat yuh hidinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng shibi mi lov yuh empty the boy yes a how dem want yuh fish steam or fry loool.