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Beenie Man Fires Back At Mr. Lexx, “Mi have 10 billboard chart song”

Dancehall heavyweight Beenie Man has stepped forward to respond to recent claims by Mr. Lexx that he and Bounty Killer are responsible for making dancehall stagnant.

Last week Mr Lexx called out the two most legendary artists in dancehall, blaming them for not building bridges for the younger artists such as himself.

“Bounty Killer for example who did a song with No Doubt the biggest song of his career, but because he is an ignorant and because he is a dunce, the video came out and there is a naked dude in it so he follow the illiteracy of the Jamaican corner people dem and go at the people dem for no reason,” Lexx told Anthony Miller on ER. “How can you make a song with Janet Jackson and don’t sell,” referring to Beenie Man.

According to Beenie Man, Lexx is more to be blame for the current state of dancehall with his recent legal troubles involving a rape case.

“Mi blame him fi mek dancehall stagnant cause him get charge fi rape,” Beenie Man told the Star. “Mi have 10 billboard chart song so don’t mix me. I did the work and I’m still doing it,” he said.


“If it wasn’t for me there wouldn’t be a Mr Lexx. When him jus’ buss people say him look like me and he strives to sing like me.”

Beenie Man said Mr. Lexx is mad because Bounty Killer is dishing his gossips.

Do you think Beenie Man have a point?


  1. Lexxus, a look a hype.. him just want some more video light on his career.. nuh watch the hype.. Its just a BS game hes playing with the media!

  2. boy them man come like girl lexx u down go get a job you naah go make the grade you love the music butt the music no love you.