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Fans Reacts To Vybz Kartel Reggae Sumfest Flop, “Di World Boss Flop”

Perhaps the expectation was too high or the Gaza don was under represented at this year’s Reggae Sumfest dancehall night.

Despite dancehall night being notorious for its tough audience, a slew of dancehall acts performed above par with the exception of Vybz Kartel who delivered a rock bottom disappointing set.

Gaza members Shawn Storm and Popcaan helped rescue their mentor’s image by scrapping two forwards from fans, however, the addition of Gaza Slim and Sheba was an embarrassment to the self proclaimed “Dancehall Hero” as 20,000 strong fans stands and look in dismay.

Watch Vybz Kartel Performing At Reggae Sumfest 2011

Fans have since been hitting up Urban Islandz on Twitter and Facebook sharing their reaction to what they called the worst Vybz Kartel performance in the history of his career.

“Di World Boss flop… so we guess Corey Todd was right about the things he said about building Vybz Kartel” (Twitter)

“Mi and my friends walked out bout 10 minutes after Kartel start perform, waist a time, Mavado and Octane a di boss.” (Twitter)

“Kartel good pon cd but horrible performer on stage, him need fi stop bleach and go work pon him craft.” (Facebook)

“Him flop yes… but a still my deejay so unnu lef him alone.” (Twitter)

“Kartel can do without the untalented members of his Empire, Jah Vinci give a better performance than all of dem put together.” (Facebook)

These are a few of the hundreds of response fans send in to Urban Islandz.

Whats your thoughts on Vybz Kartel and the Empire performance?


  1. Memba di there was a rumour that Kartel wanted 5 Million to perform? I think this was true,! He wasn’t into this Sumfest thing for sure.

  2. gaza pap down dem cant even work a stage sorry fi dem.

  3. yaa di teacha.

  4. mhmmm yes pa’pa.

  5. mi still a say gaza but kartel need fi nw say him let down him fans them, well fa me frm him start bleach.

  6. big up mi dj mi dj mista majah p.