Nicki Minaj Incident Report Revealed [Photo]

Earlier this week TMZ broke news of an alleged assault on Nicki Minaj by a male. Details are emerging that confirmed that male was in fact her rumored boyfriend and hypeman Sarafee “SB” Samuel.

Yesterday both Minaj and SB tweeted to fans downplaying the reports as rumors, however, the official police report was obtained by the Dallas Observer.

According to the report, a hotel employee was instructed by Nicki Minaj to call the police. When the cops came, she told them that a verbal argument with a man that began by the pool. When she returned to her room, the man had some of his personal belongings in her suitcase and she told him she didn’t want him to take anything from her room. She looked in the suitcase, the man picked it up and in the process, shoved it across her chin and lower lip causing it to bleed. She told police that she did not want to file a report, she just wanted her suitcase back. She also revealed that she and the man were only friends, never been in an intimate relationship and were not related.

Nicki Minaj Denies Being Punch In The Face In Dallas

The initial TMZ report suggests that the man who struck her with the suitcase is her hypeman Safaree Samuals. However, there are also two other men listed on the report in addition to Safaree. The Dallas Observer is reporting that the man that struck her is actually named ‘Rex Chevalier’, which is stated as Wit 1 on the police report.

The Dallas Observer final report states,

Dallas Police Department just called in with a correction, saying that they’d accidentally swapped the names of Rex Chevalier and Safaree Samuels in the report. Samuels was the one who “shoved” the suitcase in Minaj’s face, not Chevalier. It’s an important reveal, since Samuels and Minaj have a long history. Makes Minaj’s insistence in the report that she had never been “intimate” with the alleged assailant all the more interesting, that’s for sure.

See photos of the report below

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