Mystikal Talks Comeback Album, Preps Summer Mixtape

Its been a year and a half since rapper Mystikal was release from prison, but the gravel-voice emcee has yet to release a major hit single.

That doesn’t stop the New Orleans, Louisiana rapper from pushing forward with his career. Mystikal said he will release his comeback mixtape in June or July, with a studio album to follow shortly after.

“The mixtape. I’ve gotta do it one step at a time. The first step is to let ‘em know that I am home. I’ma drop this mixtape,” he told KPRS’ Brooklyn Martino. “I really didn’t drop anything when I first came home. I put a couple little singles out just to let ‘em know I’m here, but now, I’m finna drop the mixtape. Since I’ve been performing for a year and people know I’m home, I’ll get a big buzz with the mixtape and after that, here come the album.”

The former Badboy MC is pleased with how fans have welcomed him home. “It’s been humbling, first of all, just to come home after six years. And when I left six years ago, the hands were in the air,” he continued. “Kind of left abruptly in a disarray. So to come home six years later and the hands still in the air, that’s pretty awesome.

Mystikal also hinted at a Tech N9ne collaboration in the making. “I think so,” he said of a potential duet. “Once again, it’s an art form. Tech N9ne, he is definitely a true artist. He’s one of the pioneers of what he do. It’s unique, it’s eclectic. He’s in his own lane.”

We look forward to that mixtape.

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  1. And his name,is,not,mystical its MYSTIKAL!!!!.!!!! GET IT RIGHT!!!!!