Rumor: Vybz Kartel Now Wearing Nail Polish [Photo]

The rumor mill is in full swing today that our favourite dancehall hero Vybz Kartel is now sporting nail polish.

A fan submit the above photo of the Empire leader standing beside track star Usian Bolt, and point out the difference in finger nail colours.

“Vybz Kartel disappoint me big time, mi still love him music, but him taking the Vibes from the Kartel,” the fan told us in an email. “Bleaching and weave is already too much, but gold nail polish, come on now kartel.”

The fan promise to send more evidence of the claim.

In the meantime we are awaiting a response from our sources inside the Gaza.

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  1. i am 30 yrs n I hv been using bleaching products fom age 18. the golden brown colour is a result of hydroquinone stains on nails. I get the same reaction from people. askin whether I wear nail polish. check it out

  2. Niketa Edwards

    dem nuffi give people more dan wat dem can bare, if di man av I’m money an do up I’m manicure dem affi clear coat I’m nails dem. A people who nuh use to nut’n chat like idiot! kmt

  3.  bullll its bad lighting…the camera’s not good

  4. Yudeniadomenech

    MMMMM ok first of all I cant realy tell the difference from Kartel’s nails and the other guy nails just by looking at the picture and  second i have a lot of puerto rican friends and puerto rican guys get their nails polish and actualy not only puerto ricans do it dominicans also. Doesnt have anything to do with been gay or straight or whatever and is clean so i say mayb just mayb people need to get with the program and understand that now days man can too change their looks like Kartel who is looking fresh and clean. so lets not judge him and be open minded. Now if you see him with his nails the color of his clothes trying to mach, then we have a problem lol joke

  5. I saw it with my own two eyes a true… but maybe him a just try match him nails wid him chain lol… fish