Young Guru Says Jay-Z’s Next Album To Be A Concept Record

Urban Islandz NEWS: Deejay and longtime Jay-Z engineer Young Guru dropped a few hints as to the state of two of Hip Hop’s most highly anticipated projects.

Speaking with the Hip Hop Chronicle UK at the Fader Fort last month at Austin, Guru spill some information on Kanye West and Jay-z collaborative album “Watch The Throne.”

“’Ye’s records grow. If you listen to a Kanye record when if first starts it’s in one form. And he adds stuff, takes away stuff. He’s a real perfectionist. So that’s what he does, he grows his records. We’re in the process of just finalizing the album.”

Guru also weighed in on Jay-Z’s upcoming project but decline to give too much details on what he called a concept album.

“Once we get done with [Watch the Throne] Jay’s gonna start another album which I can’t tell you the concept of yet. [But] it’s an incredible concept,” Young Guru said, “It’s in a different lane; it’s a different thing for him to do. When people see it they’re gonna be like, ‘Oh wow! He should have done that with, like, the first album!’ It’s incredible.”