Chris Brown Back To Sporting Black Hair, May Reunite With Rihanna On ABC [Photo]

Chris Brown who recently colored his hair blonde now revert back to sporting dark hair as seen in this recent photo.

Reports also circulating in the media is that the R&B/Pop star is having trouble with his neighbors at his $1.75 million residents.

According to one of the building’s residents, Chris has been irritating his neighbors with loud music and continual visitors at irresponsible hours of the night.

“Chris Brown is a problematic tenant, to say the least. He has his posse traipsing around until the late hours of the night, he’s loud and totally disrespectful of his neighbors.[…]He’s driving the other tenants in the building crazy. The vast majority of the residents are professionals and they work during the day, so it’s important to them to get some rest at night and that’s proving difficult with the noise that’s being generated.

“The building isn’t meant to be some kind of party house, the residents don’t want that and they don’t want to live in that kind of environment.[…]The tenants are complaining about him and the noise he’s generating, they’ve even had to give him at least one warning. He needs to keep the volume down – people are sick of his behavior.

“It’s crazy. He just moved in around a month ago and he’s already received a warning. The tenants are just really worried – if he’s like this straight off the bat, they wonder if it’s going to get any worse.”

In other news, the producers of Good Morning America want to reunite both Chris Brown and Rihanna on the morning show. Reports suggests that the show’s producers are doing everything they can to have the two come face to face.

Probably would break records with number of viewers.

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  1. I love him so ge can be as loud as he wants