Assassin Takes A Jab At Vybz Kartel With “Run Di Place” Song

Dancehall deejay Assassin also known as Agent Sasco is the latest of a spate of top dancehall deejays to take a jab at Vybz Kartel in a song.

Assassin recently drop a new track called “Run Di Place” where he made reference to him not bleaching his face, “Oh a must be true mi naan bleach mi face, a true certain things yuh caan give me fi taste, mi naan buy di charts dem, wi naan pick up no freaky ways.”

In another verse Assassin said, “certain things mi naan go do fi market miself, mi naan put out no freaky photograph wid miself.”

Since late last year several top dancehall and reggae artists have been bashing Vybz Kartel over several controversial issue, most notably his skin bleaching saga. Vybz Kartel who gave a lecture on his life and art at UWI Mona last week Thursday, said he does not have any feud with any other dancehall deejay.

Peep the new Assassin track “Run Di Place” below.