Lil Wayne Denied Controversial Race Card Rumor

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Young Money leader Lil Wayne and CEO Mack Maine have stepped forward to address some damning allegation against the rapper.

Last week news broke that Lil Wayne made some disrespectful comments towards a dark-skinned woman in Miami, Florida.

According to necolebi– Wayne made the comments in Miami as seen below.

My friend Tammy is a model she had a couple of photo shoots to go to in miami ..after going to her photoshoots we met up with mack maine from young money, he then took us to a hotel a couple of other girls were there and so was lil wayne, guda guda, lil chuckee, and birdman. My friend Tammy is light skin and me and my friend jessica are dark skinned chicks, when we entered the room guda guda was like “damn ya’ll pretty to be dark skin” and then wayne quoted a verse from one of his songs that said “Beautiful Black Woman i bet that b*tch look better red”.

I heard the song before and i was offended when i heard the lyrics i brushed my feelings off and forgot about what the gremlin said, but him saying it over again made me angry as hell, tammy was looking in shock and jessica was clearly upset ,so me being the outspoken person that i am i said Wayne your daughter is dark skin so why would u say such ignorance. he then said “my daughter is a dark skin millionaire thats the difference between her and u”. Is this fool serious?

I can tell he was very upset because i brought his daughter up but that is no excuse for what he said next he stated “MY daughter is the first and last dark skin child im having, the rest of my baby moms light skin chicks i even got an asian baby moms to make sure i have a daughter with good hair, too bad we had a son”, everybody start laughing and me and jessica stormed out of the room and some guys followed us saying “not everybody hate dark skin girls Young Money just allergic to Chocolate”, of course me and my girls cursed them out..

I will never buy or listen to young money songs again and the rest of the dark skin girls shouldnt buy them either! F*CKN JERK

Taking to his Twitter account, Weezy downplayed the situation and denied taking part in any slander.

“Rumors or as dumb as the people who believe them. Y’all know I didn’t say that sh*t!!!!!,” Wayne tweeted Thursday (January 6). (Lil Wayne’s Twitter)

Mack Maine also responded to the gossip and discredited the discrimination talk.

“Just read da funniest “blog story” ever about me n my fam…..We color blind over here..if a female is beautiful she’s beautiful!! Luv,” Maine tweeted this week. (Mack Maine’s Twitter)

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  1. Y is it everyone gata make this such a bigg weather he said it or not he entiteled to free speexh mabe he did mabe he didnt only God can juge him everyone else mind ur damn bizzness