Black Ryno On Sting “I Did It For The People” [Video]

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Dancehall deejay Black Ryno express gratitude for performing at this year’s staging of Sting.

Ryno, who performed almost at the closing of the show, said for him it was not about the money, but for the fans.

“For me it was not all about the money, but more about the people who have helped to build us as artiste. Nuff people look forward to this event annually because a fi dem joy that to come watch dem favourite artiste mash up Sting every year. So me couldn’t disappoint, I did it for the people because a dem support me.. so me haffi support them.”

Black Ryno performed alongside the likes of Kiprich and Beenie Man. Although by that time, patrons were visibly angry, Ryno along with his co-performance manage to end the show on a pleasing note.

Watch Black Ryno performed on Sting 2010 below.

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  1. what addi song weh ryno sing a 1st?

  2. what addi song weh ryno sing a 1st?