Police Raided The Building, Gaza Cries Foul

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Vybz Kartel kept his promise to fans by hosting his show on Boxing Night at the Building in protest against Sting.

Last week Vybz Kartel said he would be keeping a show at the Building night club on the said night of Sting. But that show came to an abrupt end after police officers acting on intelligence raided the show.

According to reliable Urban Islandz sources, police storm the Building approximately 1 AM yesterday morning and proceed to shut down the music and search individuals. However, no arrest was reported.

In the meantime members of the Gaza are crying foul on the intervention of the police officers, claiming it was a deliberate act.

“Laing send him police friend dem come lock down the gaza show, but dem can’t stop wi, dem no find nutten and dem no arrest nobody,” one Gaza supporter told us.

Vybz Kartel could not be reached for a comment as he is reportedly off the island on tour.

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