Beenie Man Called Out Vybz Kartel On Ragashanti Live

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Dancehall king Beenie Man put Vybz Kartel on blast yesterday on popular Ragashanti Live show.

During his stint with Ragashanti, the Doc discussed the reasons why he pulled away from his former friend now turn enemy. Beenie Man said Vybz diss him on a number of his songs and has not been supportive of his career althought he supported Vybz Kartel and his Gaza movement.

“All di support mi support Vybz Kartel, he has never supported me. Di stage show mi have up a stadium mi pay Kartel $900,000. Dat him charge me and him nah come fi less than dat. And di night we short him $20,000 and him wouldn’t leave the venue till him get the $20,000. Seriously no joke ting and a me sey Gaza Mi Sey, and dat is di biggest song all ova di world and me support Kartel all ova di world.”

Beenie also lambast Vybz Kartel for a BlackBerry broadcast message that he recently sent out throwing words at the ZJ Liquid and himself Beenie over their use of the words ‘oh’ and ‘awoh’ – phrases that Kartel claimed he made popular.

“I just feel sey him (Kartel) nuh have no honour to nobody. Him honour himself and dats it. Him nuh respect nobody as far as I see it.”

Beenie Man also added that he finds Kartel song Dancehall Hero offensive, “me respect him as a deejay, I don’t know him as a person. I know him as a artiste. Dis song I found to be disrespectful to the whole entire dancehall world.”

The veteran dancehall deejay said Vybz Kartel disrespect the entire dancehall community when states that Sting will be flop without the Gully Gaza presence.

“Dats disrespect to di whole entire dancehall industry. You are not God, you are not the man that make music. Music was here before you and when you gone a go still deh yah. The worse Sting was last year and Kartel close it and Mavado did de pon it too. Good, blessing. I wasn’t on it,” Beenie said.

Beenie Man also said his recent song Father God Help Them is not a diss or counteraction.

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