Which Popular Dancehall Deejay Caught Eating Cho Cho?… Images Inside

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Ever so often an image or a video is release that rocks the dancehall world.

This one is especially garnering much attention because of the alleged dancehall entertaining in the image.

According to our pals over dancehallreggaenews, the image originate from a female who confirmed that the picture is that of a dancehall deejay eating p*$$y and she wants to be paid for the rest of the images to be released.


See the explicit version of the picture here… warning graphic

Who do you think is the dancehall deejay in the picture?

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Image removed by editor due to graphic nature. Thanks for browsing

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There are still many doubts as to which dancehall deejay is in the above photo. But some of our faithful commentors are stating who they think.

Comments below


  1. e wan look like killa or wayne marshall

  2. a vado a nyam di fruit!

    • unnu stop call up di man name. cause right a goodas all kartel dat before him bleach. a him alone inna dem slackness de

  3. Look more like di gaza clown than gully god to me. when him never cut him him hair and start beach yet. wi waan si di rest a picture dem fi si a who good

  4. It stink a street seh a vado but it look kinda fake. but if a true bwoy dat deh artist career derail