Khia Attack Nicki Minaj Again In New Diss Track

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It seems Nicki Minaj has fast become public enemy number one among female rappers. The Young Money emcee has been getting shots hurled at left right and centre and what makes it funny its from all females.

Estrange rapper Khia goes in on Nicki Minaj again with the release a new diss track. The track which surfaced on Youtube last weekend refer to Nicki Minaj as Ms. Minaj.

Khia has been feeling some heat from hip hop fans since the release of this song.

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Peep song below

Khia recently post a review of Nicki Minaj Pink Friday album on her blog and it was not pretty.

The review is laced with insults and direct attacks against Nicki Minaj and her image. Khia wrote:

“This b**ch needs to be SHOT on site…” Khia said. “It smells WORSER than the gas that’s coming out of my ASS, from all of the Turkey that I ate over the Thanksgiving weekend. Someone needs to give this B**CH a FLEET Enima [sic] and “FLUSH” her IMMEDIATELY, She is nothing but a “Ghostwritten”, Weezy-wannabe WHORE!”

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    Khia, give up… please. Gracias.