Exclusive!.. Vybz Kartel Official Facebook Page

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There has been several facebook pages created claiming to be that of dancehall prodigy Vybz Kartel.

But many of these so called fan pages and profiles has been coming under scrutiny about there authenticity, at least until now.

A few days ago a brand new profile emerge on the social media site with the name Adidja A. Palmer (D Original Teacha). Your question is whether this profile is the real deal or not?

Sources inside the Gaza exclusively told Urban Islandz that this brand new page was in fact created by Vybz himself. The source said Vybz created the page after fans have been complaining that they are not sure which page is his official facebook fan page.

“Whole heepa people create some fake page that they claimed is Di Teacha but non of them are real, this new page is the official Vybz Kartel page, so let fans be aware of that,” the source said.

To send Vybz Kartel a friend request visit the official facebook page here.

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  1. 1st of all bless 2 all one 2nd cna some 1 tell me somthing about vybz Kartel in Costa rica
    on FEB 19, 2011.. please thx