Hot Topic: Vybz Kartel New Video Clip Blackberry Proof [Video]

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It seems the issue of Vybz Kartel alleged bleaching will never go away, and is still proving to be the hot topic in dancehall.

A new video hit the internet a few days ago of the Gaza Emperor himself singing a spoof of one of his hit single, “Never Si A Katty Weh Mi love So.”

Vybz Kartel have since said its Cake Soap he use to wash his face why he got lighter and cooler. A gesture that sparks uproar and beef with several other dancehall deejays.

Urban Islandz took to twitter, youtube and facebook to see what dancehall fans are saying about this video and the alleged bleaching. This is some responses:

“Da video de show him up bad, him can’t deny seh him naan beach now, look how bleaching do di man bad.” (facebook)

“gaza nuh luv man suh tek u eye offf a? him n watch ur gyal.” (twitter)

“Mi nuh really seh bad bout im but it nuh luk? gud fi im, Kartel ah ova step tings now some kina intervention uh sumptin needed.” (Youtube)

“Was saying he loves black? woman den bleach are you a hypocrit much? I love Vybz’s tunes… But Wtf!” (Youtube)

“Bwoy Kartel fi stop it, it really a get out a hand now yo see it Urban Islandz, unnu tell him go back to the old Kartel, wi miss da Kartel de.” (facebook)

So there you have it what some fans thoughts are now you post yours in comments below.

Peep video below


  1. Just true me wash my face with the cake soap