Mavado Says Cops Trying To Destroy His Image

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Dancehall singjay Mavado is furious with the Jamaican cops for what he deemed as them trying to tarnish his image.

Mavado was detained by law men last week Wednesday along with fellow dancehall rival Vybz Kartel, where both spend one night behind bars. They were both listed of major persons of interest by the Constant Spring police department.

Both Vado and Vybz was later released on Thursday without charge. But that has not gone down well with the Alliance deputy.

According to Mavado, there is a specific police officer targeting for unknown reasons. The “So Special” deejay said he was locked up in the same cell as his rival Vybz Kartel for no reason.

“Afta me go in dere and talk to di police, di police don’t want me fi nutting. Wha me do? Me nuh do nutten or else dem wouldn’t let me out and tell me fi gwaan home. Yuh can definitely see that is a fight dem a try fight Mavado and try dutty up Mavado name. Me a try hold it fi di last one year, me a try do my best wha me can do to keep outta problem and di bagga tings people have to sey.”

Mavado added, “Me always jus a try do good, me as David Brooks even when we get fight, we still a get stronger and know sey we haffi do good, we haffi do betta. Cause at di end of the day we nah go mek the fans lose offa we, and di people lose offa we. The whole Jamaica suppose to know that David Brooks is a law biding citizen, cause if I wasn’t I’d be in jail, you’d hear ma name a call up on a bagga tings. Nobody don’t hear my name call pon nutten.”

Mavado says he and and his legal team are considering taking legal actions against the police department in an effort to prevent further discrediting of his name.

Mavado also said he discussed his intentions with Kartel who he said feels the same.

“Me and Vybz Kartel already talk about it. Me tell Vybz Kartel wha me ago do, and mi feel like a di same way him a think cause this definitely not good.”

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  1. Damn just saw this Man two week ago.

  2. Damn just saw this Man two week ago.

  3. yes sue dem bombocl@@t