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Vybz Kartel New Tattoo Very Suggestive… Images Inside

It’s no joke when they say Tattoo is very addictive and once you start you can’t stop.

Gaza general Vybz Kartel has gotten a new tattoo as if he don’t have enough already. The new tats covering the Di Teacha fingers are very suggestive of his rumored affiliation with the cult.

For some time now Kartel has been speculated to be a member of the Freemason society, an allegation the artist has yet to deny, but may confirm in numerous of his songs.

See the tattoos below and tell us what you think.


  1. bad teacher indeed

  2. is he really a free mason :(

  3. Some man skin is getting rather clear, I wonder if its because of the AC, or is it Nadinola?

  4. long time mi know seh da bredda de inna cult dealings. him always a deejay bout freemasonry and evil. and popcaan a follow him to wid this hot skull slang. di whole a dem inna cult. stay far from dem

  5. kartel is apart of the freemason and hes doing what the devil tells him to!!!!!!!!!!! he even sold his soul do ur thang the devil is gonna make u rich den bring 2 u 2 nothing !!!!!!!!!! u suck