Barbadians Angry At Rihanna For Snubbing Prime Minister Thompson Funeral

Word reaching Urban Islandz ears is that Rihanna has no plans to attend the funeral of the late Prime Minister for Barbados, David Thompson.

Sources told Us that this is not being going down well with natives of Rihanna homeland, with some citizens calling her a traitor.

In an email to us one Urban Islandz fan from Barbados told us that, “Rihanna is a traitor, how can she not be attending the Prime Minister funeral and he helped her so much, David Thompson cherish Rihanna and for her to not going that’s bad, and we don’t care what she have to do, this should be on top of her schedule.”

Thompson, who recently passed away fol­low­ing a long bat­tle with pan­cre­atic can­cer, named Rihanna a National Ambassador for Culture & Youth, created a “Rihanna Day” hol­i­day in her honor, and gave her a prime piece of real estate in an upscale area on the Caribbean island.

Thompson funeral service is schedule to take place this Wednesday November 3, and word out is Rihanna won’t be attending due to her hectic work schedule promoting her upcoming album Loud and numerous endorsement commitments.

Do you think Rihanna should break from her schedule to attend the late Prime Minister funeral?… comments below

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