Elephant Man Now Looking Lighter Than Vybz Kartel… Images Inside

Look like Ele borrow Vybz Kartel cake soap.

Bleaching may be the new trend in dancehall nowadays, but a few deejays are taking it way too far.

A fan send us a recent picture of popular dancehall deejay Elephant Man looking suspiciously lighter than normal. Now we all know Ele been toning down as what they.

The source that send Urban Islandz the pictures said they have more to be release of the deejay buying face products. Hint… its one of Ele ex-beau.

“Mi tell him fi stop bleach long time and him cuss mi seh bad man no bleach him only cool up him face. A nuff time mi hear him a cuss Kartel bout him bleach and him nu much beta, wid him brown face and black lip dem,” the source said.

Someone tell Ele fi bring back Adi cake soap.

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  1. It’s amazing how quickly we can blow things out of porpotion, so what if Elephant man or Vybz Kartel is Bleaching? This is none of our business. I really don’t see what the big deal is! We are all doing things in our personal life that people may not approve of….but remember the only approval needed is God’s….They are only “human” just as the rest of us, if they’re Fake because therir Bleaching then so am I and 85% of Black woman who wear weave or 90% of the women world wide who wear make up. We all live in Gla$$ Houses so lets not throw stones.

  2. uno a get pan mi nerves wid dis cause if it was a regular wid talent a sing pan di streets yuh won’t a jump down him troat suh much uno need fi lef dem alone cause watdem wah do let dem do

  3. Somebody please fire the person that wrote this article. What kind of stupid before and after pictures are those? Don’t you see the lighting is different?!

  4. I don’t think elephant man bleach sometimes it’s because of the light of the picture!!