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Capleton Show In Chicago Cancelled From Gay Rights Pressure… Tour In Jeopardy

Reggae artist Capleton is one of many reggae artist currently experiencing fallout from Gay Rights pressures.

Urban Islandz was reliably informed that The Gay Liberation Network (GLN) has forced the cancellation of Capleton upcoming concert in Chicago. The Fireman Capleton was scheduled to perform at the Kinetic Playground in Chicago this Saturday.

Last week Urban Islandz broke news that Gay Rights group GLN has stepped up pressure on the owner of the venue to cancel Capleton show, claiming violence and hate in the Reggae artist lyrics towards homosexuals. But the club owner Jim Gouskos told the media that he was not aware of Capleton hate lyrics and that he cannot afford the US$11,000 to cancel the concert. However, the GLN in a letter told Gouskos that they will be out protesting this weekend if the show was not cancelled.

In the letter to Roger Fraser the GLN representative told Gouskos about their intentions if there demands are not met.

“No respectable promoter would knowingly schedule a performer whose lyrics promoted violence and murder against blacks or Jews or Muslims. We ask for and expect the same consideration to be made concerning LGBT people. Very few promoters want to be associated with murderous bigotry and calls from the stage to commit mayhem.”

Capleton is currently embarked on a tour in the US to promote his latest album I-Ternal fire, which was released in the summer by VP Records. The tour maybe in jeopardy as Gay Rights groups are hinting to step up their pressure. Below is a banner they already have out.

Reggae artist Sizzla Kalonji also experience fallout over the summer after one of his concerts in Germany was cancelled due to pressures from Gay Rights organizations.

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  1. I love n respect capleton.Homosexualism is a crime against nature…burn dem outta we world.

  2. Tino Known Taruvinga

    Iternal fire fi go bon demout.

  3. disgusting. What? MONSTER. No wonder it’s the most violent country in the western hemisphere. Primitive & poverty. This is the year 2011

  4. I just cant see how is capleton preaching murder of gays. He said he burn dem out but nowhere in that says kill them. These people just want to fight out Jamaican artists and many rappers and other artist also make music about their dislike for them. So why are these people pressuring reggae artists so much. Obviously they have hidden agenda

  5. This is some BS. He does not call for the murder of gays. The owner has caved in the strong-arm blackmail.