More War: Vybz Kartel To Respond To Black Ryno And Alliance Diss

Sting might be a hot battle ground this year base on the current outlook in dancehall.

A trusted source close to the Gaza reliably informed Urban Islandz that the Gaza emperor Vybz Kartel has penned two counteractions aimed at Black Ryno and Alliance 3 star.

“Di techa a go tek it to dem wicked wicked, dem know how di ting set pon di gaza. Addi a go right off dem career so it betta dem juss easy. When dem two tune ya drop a pure craziness, wi juss a put some finishing touch pon dem.” The source is quoted as saying.

Last week weekend Black Ryno dropped a new track titled “Lego Me Nuh” which is a tell all track on the incident involving himself and Vybz Kartel business partner Corey Todd. But it was some Alliance massive that threw the heaviest punch with a track called “NUH BAD LIKE WE” attacking the whole Gaza past and current members.

These latest developments are drawing much attention among dancehall hardcore fans wanting to see a lyrical showdown.

Will sting be a hot battlefield this year? your comments below


  1. Di war start again big time. mi naan tell no lie the alliance and ryno chune mad but vybz a go kill dem still