Asafa Powell On Dating Yendi: “I’m Not Afraid Of Loosing Her”

For a while now sprinter Asafa Powell and beauty queen Yendi Phillips has been one of Jamaica’s favourite couple.

At first the two were extremely secretive about their relationship, but has been more open in recent times. These days you rarely see one without the other and rumor has it that they are engaged.

One of Urban Islandz reps in Jamaica caught up with Asafa Powell after a recent charity event hosted by him and Yendi, and in a rare conversation the track star open up about his relationship with the beauty queen.

The rep ask Asafa if he is ever afraid of loosing Yendi to someone else? The rather shy Powell had this to say:

“I’m not afraid of loosing her because I know she loves me a lot, she even love me more than I do myself.”

“There are a lot of critics and haters who are saying things, but we don’t really mind them, we just stay focus on what we do.”

Powell said he will consider doing a full length interview with Urban Islandz when the time is right.

Don’t you think Usain bolt should take note?… comment below


  1. Tashanta Loveable Dunn

    now chino tek u away from her without knowing.

  2. but a chino preed it how u make that happen asafa.

  3. Donovan Parker

    Olympic 100m goal this year puppa.

  4. Tammie Brown

    I love you guys together!

  5. Dwight A Brown

    Respect Fasa, just take everything one day at a time and ask the the Lord to guide your path. Charlie mi hear yu my yute!

  6. doesn’t matter is is my runner old news or new news big up asafa.

  7. the greatest runner in the world big up asafa from linstead yendi u r so beautiful.

  8. Mackcartifamily

    go to hell

  9. beautiful. i love them as a couple. You see these pics yet

  10. beautiful. i love them as a couple. You see these pics yet

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