Rumor: Jamaican Pastor Want To Clash With Vybz Kartel

The rumor mill is in full swing today about a popular evangelist pastor requesting a clash with dancehall prodigy Vybz Kartel.

We haven’t uncover the true identity of the pastor but we understand he preach at a prominent church in Kingston with the last name Taylor. Rumors have it that the preacher is in talks with the promoter of Sting Isaiah Laing, to arrange a clash.

The preacher is quoted as saying, “I want Laing to organise that clash, because Mr Vybz Kartel has been leading the generation astray for too long and we have to stop him. He is deceiving them.”

“He’s high in the demonic world, says he reads The Da Vinci Code book,” the preacher allegedly said.

“We need to trample Vybz Kartel, we’re fed up of him now. Other pastors and I sit down and we listen to his songs, he is the one, there is a great force behind him,” the preacher also allegedly said.

“He sings that the barba boy run but the preacher will never run. We don’t want the Portmore Empire, because once I get him, I get the whole Gaza. I will call him up and tell him that he’s destroying the youths, the spirit of the Lord will speak through me. I want him to become a speaker for the Lord as he has the ability to turn Jamaica around. He’s the only one we see with that power,” he added.

When we contacted Vybz camp about these rumors the deelay laugh and said he haven’t heard anything about that.

We want to hear from you about these rumors.